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Privacy Notice

Updated October 5, 2020

Our Statement

Your privacy is most important to us. We ( require basic information, such as your email address, in order to validate you are not a robot. However, we take full precautions to prevent unauthorized use of your data.


We store a minimal amount of cookies on your browser, none of which have any personal identification. They are solely for your custom preferences for the best user experience possible.

What do we require?

We only require an email address. There are other optional fields, such as political party and location, but they are used to assist us in combating bad user input and/or robots. Since we show average user ratings, automated bots or single users trying to create multiple accounts, can exponentially throw off user ratings. Under no circumstances will your individual information be used in any other way. IP addresses may be recorded to combat misuse.

Is my information shared?

Under no circumstances can anyone view your information, nor view your individual preferences/ratings configured through our website.


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